Original art work by James H. Klippel & Christine P. Canova are enjoyed in private collections world wide.

"Believe" Angel in the "light",  Chris Canova, for ABBA House, www.abbahouse.com

Nationally, original art work by James H. Klippel and Christine P. Canova  are in private art collections from Nantucket,  Massachusetts, south to St. Augustine, Florida, and west out to Los Angles, California.  Internationally, fine art pieces by Chris Canova and Jim Klippel are enjoyed in Moscow, Russia, Paris, France, and Vienna, Austria.  Jim Klippel and Chris Canovas' unique art styles relay a universal message individuals world wide relate to.  The multitude of subjects, employ color and motion in flowing patterns. The paintings evoke an underlying beauty many aspire to feel within themselves.  It is simply to hear your own inner "song" to see your own inner "Human light"  which  inspires the individual to feel good about being alive and so give back beauty to this world!  And in turn to share in this gift and teach one another.

Contact Chis and Jim with regarding commission requests.  Any size and many media are part of the repertoire.